NEW LOOK: Aug 2013 - Look for new Geritol® packaging on retailer shelves nationwide.

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Feosol's New Look
Meda Consumer Healthcare rejuvenates Geritol® with a bold new look. Geritol®, the well-known brand of multivitamin and multi-mineral supplements, has had a dramatic makeover!

Look for the new vibrant, eye-catching package on retailer shelves nationwide fall of 2013. While the exterior may have been updated, we have not changed the well-balanced multivitamin or liquid energy support formulas that have been trusted for generations.
Vivarin's TV Spot
Vivarin caffeine alertness aid is taking its own advice – Revive with Vivarin – and undergoing a revitalization of sorts. The brand is embracing a lifestyle marketing approach that includes a new TV spot featuring professional gamers, multiple pop-culture events and the launch of fresh modernized packaging design this fall. Watch the TV spot now to see what new users think after just one use!